​​​​​​We'll perform inspections randomly to prevent any potential intruders observing your home. Your home will appear seamlessly occupied, even if you’re away for months. Our frequent inspections help us catch small issues before they turn into large problems, saving you money and worry in the long run.

Whether you’re interested in our home watch for your primary residence, second or retirement home, vacation or empty investment property, we have a solution to meet your needs.

​Any additional requirements can be discussed and quoted on following web pages. If you have a unique requirement don't hesitate to ask.

We use an in-depth checklist in our plan to take care of your home. We look for any potential problems or irregularities. If a situation does arise, you will be notified so that the problem can be dealt with quickly and in a cost-effective manner.​​​

​​Basic Services​​

​​​​​​​​​External property inspection which includes:

​​1.   Vandalism, forced entry, trespassing

2.   Weather damage to home including roof & gutters

​3.   Ensure windows, doors, gates and garage are secure.

​4.   Check and clear debris off of porches and or driveways

​5.   Overall condition of landscaping on property

6.   Removal or collection of newspapers, junk mail, flyers, phonebooks

Internal property inspection which includes:

1.   Rotating lights in home

​2.   Run all faucets, flush toilets

​3.   Operate Garbage disposal

4.   Refrigerators - ensure operation and correct temperature settings

5.   Clothes washer - check for leaks in and around fixtures

​6.   Operation of furnace/heater or air conditioner

​7.   Check for signs of mold, unusual sounds or smells

​8.   Check for flooding, plumbing failures, or moisture problems

9.   Check electrical panel for tripped breakers

​10.  Test lighting indoor and outdoor
11.  Replace any burned out security light bulbs

​​12.  Ensure alarm system functioning properly

13.  Water plants

​14.  Send email checklist confirmation after each inspection​​

"We just returned from Arizona and our first winter there as Snowbirds. We hired Frank to watch out after our home in Boise while we were gone. Things went great. Before we left he gave us some tips on how to better prepare the house for our absence. When we returned the house was in the same shape we left it, the house plants actually seemed to appreciate Frank's care more than ours! He kept the snow shoveled, and the car running. Will definitely use him in the future."

                                                                                             --- Scott (May 2019)

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Prices starting at $25 per visit to your home.

​Prices vary based on location.


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