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Hello friends!

I wanted to share a little information about myself and this business. I was raised in Boise, Idaho and have been part of this community for most of my life. Married to a wonderful woman for 32 years we have two great kids which I am oh so proud of. I am a veteran of the Navy and Navy Reserves having served honorably for over a decade. After the Navy, I got my degree in Economics at BSU and went to work for Hewlett Packard. Twenty years later having been a corporate professional and executive I got the opportunity to do something new. Hence, this business. I have always enjoyed understanding how things work in a home and have been taking care of my "older," home for many years. I am now a certified home inspector which gives me great insight to ensuring your home remains safe and secure while away under my watchful eye.

Thank you for your trust. 

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Frank Delavan

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