I will gladly provide a quote to perform these additional services. Give me a call or fill out a request form so I can create a plan that meets your needs. I strive to provide piece of mind while taking care of you and your home.

  • Coordinating airport transportation

  • Snow removal

  • Receiving deliveries

  • Grocery shopping

  • ​​Yard services including mowing, watering, and debris removal

  • Serve as 24hr emergency contact for alarm company

  • Coordinating maintenance or qualified professional services

  • Coordinating of housekeeping services

  • Waiting service for utilities/vendors

  • Supervision of service providers

  • Mail collection and forwarding

  • Vehicle start or move

  • ​Charge vehicle battery

I just bought a home in Idaho, but I am still living in California. I hired Frank to watch my house to make sure all is OK. Knowing Frank is coming by to make sure everything is fine lets me sleep at night! I highly recommend his services.


                                                                                                         --- Suzi  (August 2017)

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